System 1*

*We are a System 1 Research’s preferred agency partner. 

They base the effectiveness of creative work on three factors:

Fame: How quickly your brand comes to mind after exposure to your ad.
Feeling: What positive emotions does your ad generate.
Fluency: How strongly a brand’s distinctive assets can be attributed to them in the ad.

Over the past 3 years, we have created more 5 star ads (less than 0.9% of ads achieve this) than any other independent agency.
We make a guarantee to our clients that we will create an ad for them, provided it’s pre-tested, that will score four stars or more.

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“Dog Cat & Mouse consistently achieve high scores in System1’s research, which is why some of our key brand clients work with them
to produce some of the most effective TV ads.” 
Andrew Tindall / Global Creative & Media Partnerships Director

Our System 1 track record /

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