YuMOVE for Lintbells

The Global Marketing Director of Lintbells kindly said the following about our recent ad for them…”Sales, search, awareness, consideration and trial have all gone through the roof since running the tv – the warehouse can’t get the product out fast enough. It’s the first time in my career that I have seen such clear and dramatic results.” July 2020.

In addition, System 1 has ranked the ad as ‘Exceptional’ with a 5.8 star rating, which places it among the top 1% of ads ever tested by them. This also puts it at #1 out of 101 ads researched in its category.

Media – National TV

YuMOVE Thank Yu

Brief to broadcast in 18 days after rather recklessly suggesting to the client that we do a ‘thank you’ to the nation’s dogs for walking so many of us through the challenges of 2020.

Looks like it was worth it, if the empty warehouse shelves are anything to go by.

Media – National TV

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