Nudge Lab*

*Behavioural Science and Social Psychology ’nudges’ play an integral part in marketing success. But many brands miss out by not fully adopting them.

After applying nudges for brands such as Starbucks, YuMOVE, Good Boy, Soulful Food, Dacia, London Idling Action and Keep Britain Tidy, we’ve identified 57 that are relevant for brands and social change campaigns.

These include familiar ones such as Loss Aversion, Scarcity, Social Proof and The Labour Illusion, as well as ones that are less well known, such as Asking a question, Adding a story to your product and The emotional power of dogs!

The Nudge Lab advises clients on how they can harness the power of Behavioural Science for brand positioning, brand id and design, packaging, creative, content, CRM, pricing and promotions.

As we’ve recently launched The Nudge Lab we’re offering brand owners a free 1 hour consultation on their brand and category.

If you don’t want to miss out on this offer and the benefits it may have for your brand, then click HERE.

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